The comedian cuban Javier Berridy get tattoos to San Lazaro in the back


The comedian cuban Javier Berridy he shared in their social networks several images of the tattoo that was just made.

The artist is tattooed with an image of St. Lazarus on the right side of the back, with the tattoo artist Jhanko in Miami.

“Happy with my tattoo of the Old Lazarus made by the artist Jhanko Kings, thank you my brother you are an animal with needles and ink,” wrote the humorist, next to the photos.

The images show various stages of the process and the end result.

Facebook / Javier Berridy

The tattoo had a very good acceptance on the part of his followers: “That lindoooooo, it was spectacular”, “Very good work”, “it Was worth the pain because it was super”, “Very original, looks like the photo to be pasted on your back.”

For its part, the tattoo artist shared a short video of the process and said that it had been an honor to tattoo the comedian.

“That ball my gentee! Today I had the honor of tattooing a great humorist cuban! You can follow it on your networks please to laugh at your things that are great! We see in the next torture,” he wrote.