The Dany shares a message of alarm by the coronavirus from Cuba to his followers


The cuban singer Daniel Muñoz, better known The Dany, has joined the string of messages that have begun to circulate on the social networks with respect to awareness due to the coronavirus, and has launched a message to all her followers, especially those residing in Cuba.

The chosen platform in this case has been your profile on Instagram, where the member of the grouping of urban music Kim and Dany has shared a video in which he asked the people of the Island to “take it easy” and follow carefully all the indications of social responsibility and prevention that are broadcast through the various media of communication.

“Mostly all the beautiful people of Cuba, sending a message that caught calm. I see people super altered with this coronavirus here, many people worried. Of truth there is to worry about, but we’ll try to take calm and look at everything what they are saying on tv worldwide and in the networks, especially to stay informed and safe this is happening to you”.

The coronavirus is today a real concern and alarming in Cuba, especially after The Ministry of Public Health of Cuba (MINSAP) confirmed its fourth case of infection with the already declared a pandemic by the World Health organization (WHO).

The first three diagnosed with the Covid-19 were three Italian tourists they were hosted in Trinidad, province of Sancti Spiritus and currently remain admitted in the Institute Pedro Kourí (IPK) of Havana.

The last patient is the first cuban diagnosed with the disease in the national territory, a man of Santa Clara, and the husband of a bolivian citizen living in Milan, Italy.