The DJI Mavic Air 2 will look like


On the Internet pictures of the new DJI flight unit arrived, and the Experts DroneDJ have a suspicion that it might be the DJI Mavic, Air-2. The photos show that the model is nothing more than a simple Upgrade, but a development process. The first DJI Mavic, Air was introduced in January 2018 at the latest on the market.

The photos show, in addition to the Design of new Sensors to avoid the obstacles at the rear of the unmanned aerial vehicle. This is not the first Generation to date. The photos come from the Twitter Account OsitaLV.

The color of the new piece of equipment that is very similar to the Mavic-2 in the series, and also the Design is very similar to that of the professional series, which is also true for all the Sensors. In addition to the so-called Dual-System View, and an infrared Sensor, there are Sensors for point-of-view down to low, and now the Sensors are back. This prevents the drone to crash into the barriers, which are likely to lead to his downfall.

The Driver has also been updated. The Smartphone is now pinned to the top instead of the bottom, which should improve its usability in a meaningful way.

We will assume that the drone camera is also an Upgrade was made, but, of course, also the distance to the DJI Mavic Pro 2 also has to be maintained. So DJI should incorporate into almost a 1-inch Sensor-in-Air model. Of particular interest to enthusiasts of the Technology, it is likely to be more of a Detail that is not seen in the photos. DJI wants to integrate into a System, with the aircraft in the vicinity, and the driver warns you. It is a call to ADS-B In System is that it can detect the aircraft’s signal, ADS-B (Out) is finished.

What time is the DJI Mavic Air 2 is officially announced, it is going to cost and when it comes to the German market, it is not yet known. In the light of the Corona is a crisis and the appearance they are to enjoy the data at the time of the way taken care of.

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