The error in the video clip “Red” of J Balvin has not gone unnoticed in the networks


J Balvin moved to more of a spectacular with the exciting video clip of Red with which the colombian seeks to raise awareness about the importance of not use the mobile phone at the wheel.

The story it tells is of a man who is about to become a father, but as he heads to the hospital has a serious accident in traffic by unwinding with the mobile. Upon arrival at the medical center, he realizes that he is dead and during the next few years taking care of her daughter as the mother.

However, this audio-visual has not been without its comments, and that is the same as the rest of their work, this has also been looked at with a magnifying glass and some internet users have discovered a fault that went unnoticed by the team of J Balvin at the time of edit the music video.

Youtube Capture

Approximately at minute 1:29 of the audiovisual material, the singer enters in the hospital and in one of the scenes is seen as to the left of the singer appears a camera. Although you try to hide behind a couch without success, users have been uncovered and pointed out by the gazapo on different social platforms.

Red, White and Purple are the last three tracks that he has released the singer, and which form part of his next album, Colors. Its launch is planned for the 20th of march, but it seems that this date might be changed by the health crisis that is crossing the planet.

Through his Instagram, the Child of Medellin he asked his followers if it should release the album on that date or wait for the situation to calm down. What will you do? Do you think I should postpone the launch?