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After no more than a 3 year 2020 was cancelled, and now it’s also the nature of the Place of the game in 2020, but the Koelnmesse to take in the advance of preventive measures for the protection of the participants in front of the Coronavirus.

At the Leipzig book fair and the ITB’s are two of the largest trade shows in the country, it should be a given, it is for this reason that a number of players that currently make up the thoughts on the game in 2020. The city of Cologne, for example, is 10. In march 2020, on the Basis of the decree of the government of the state of north rhine-WESTPHALIA on the same day, all major events with more than 1,000 participants, up to and including 10. April of 2020 is not permitted. This type of game, however, is the first 25. 29. As of August 2020 is to take place.

To the Koelnmesse trade fair event to a later date, i.e. those who have 10. April of 2020 is to take place, and the people who are responsible, according to his own statement, the current recommendations of the Federal and state government, as well as the crisis unit of the city of the Colony, in all the decisions, and, in addition, each event has to be assessed on an individual basis. This is also the reason why, today, everything is going according to the Plan, and the Online-Ticket-Shop since yesterday, as of the most recent press release, he says.

These preventive measures under the to the Colony, it takes a fair

On the trade fair grounds to “sensible preventive measures“in order to be taken. Thus, it is intended to inform you of, among other things, to the preparation for, and during, the event, all the participants of the fair, and take care of it. In the health, local and Central Bodies of the trade fair of opportunities.”additional dispenser with deodorizer“be ready to go. High traffic areas are to be cleaned, as well as the increase of the frequency. In addition to this, qualified Doctors and paramedical staff at the emergency stations “any possible suspected cases that are ready“and to be at the front of the hotel. It occurs in the event of a suspected case, they are made in accordance with the Koeln Messe exhibition centre, in the grounds of the fair, and all the space and organization to take immediate steps to remedy the situation.

The number of tickets you can buy, as I said on the official website of the game in 2020, and the purchase price is, of course, to the extent refundit should be set aside, and the game is fair, but it’s still like that.

Do you think this type of game in 2020 should take place or not? Do you believe that all the precautions are taken, the organisers are already good enough? Let us below in the comments section, I would like to talk about.