The games for the PS4, like the Horizon of a non-Zero, the Dawn will lose its uniqueness, and the Fans hate him


What do you have against him?”

On the horizon is Zero, the Dawn will lose its uniqueness; o that sounds like it’s a loss, it is, in fact, Net income: How to, Sony has announced, they will appear one time-the PS4-exclusive game in the summer of 2020 for the PC. You do not lose, but a couple of players to earn the opportunity to lay on, but from side to Side on the highly-acclaimed role-playing game.

Not everyone in the world is a happy place, however, is about it. Some PS4 players have been complaining about the release strategy of Sony, After all, a Horizon of non-Zero Morning, it’s not the first-but-no-longer-the game is exclusive to the group. In the past few years, and is tracked by the PS4 such as Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and also in titles such as metro Detroit: it’s not, and that the Death of the Stranding of the PlayStation to the PC.

As a PlayStation Fan on Twitter he was going to destroy everything “- the PlayStation of the last 25 years.”:

The other player will complain, however, ever since he bought the PS4 just for the exclusive titles:

How does the new PlayStation-managing Director Herman Hulst word is accounted for, quite literally, on the official PlayStation Blog, the it is intended, in any way, “each and every game is now comes to PC.” However, in the last few years have shown that more and more games on the platform that is installed on the and the cross of the game can be played.

Without a doubt, the negative reaction of the Fans in this year’s long-running “console war”, but, in truth, have you? Or maybe it should have been, but also explains to Polygon, a fairly excellent, and with the acceptance of a new Generation of video games, it’s not a look that works in a platform-exclusive, but are, instead, new models turn out. How about the play of the video Stream.

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In accordance with the period of the Zero-Rise: the PS4 Exclusive, is it?

Over the past few months, the title has appeared, much to the delight of the Fans, which are some of the most popular consoles, and even PC’s. As examples, in Addition to the Two Souls, heavy Rain, and the Death Report, and a number of significant –and, in short, to even the AAA bonds, the Horizon is Zero, the Dawn added. But also, if they Release a version for other platforms, it has happened so many times in the past month, has Sony, in the future, in order to publish games for the PlayStation, while at the same time, or to your PC. Except in exceptional cases.

To calm down, “maybe some of The release of a AAA title on the PC, it does not necessarily mean that the game is now available on PC. In my opinion, Horizon, Zero, Dawn, setting, in this case, is simply outstanding. We have no plans for the day and the date. d. A.: the PC publishing), and we have to be 100 percent dedicated Hardware,” said Sony’s head Herman Hulst Blog at no extra cost.

While Microsoft has released many of his own games on multiple platforms, and thus the masses of the people isstill, the Sony is at the moment, he continues to be stubborn. That makes a lot of sense as far as why Microsoft combines the Windows and Xbox under one hat. Sony continues, however, and it is, of course, the home of the console, and there are so many benefits to it, such as Microsoft’s, if you post at the same time on your PC.

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This is the official PC Release on the Horizon, from Scratch, in the morning it is coming in 2020

In 2020, the year of the PS4 doesn’t seem to be exclusive, and I think I can settle for everyone, Not just the Death of the Stranded carcasses will fall in this year, Only the-PlayStation-coat is also Size-Zero, an Aurora that appears in the year 2020, which was officially for the PC, there’s already a Steam page.

It has taken three years, but in the end the Wait will be rewarded for The former PS4 exclusive game The horizon is Zero Way it would seem that this year, and officially for PC”like the nes, the boss Hermen Hulst on the PlayStation Blog confirms. It is, among other things, a “Complete Edition” with extra content and DLC) and Frozen Wilds – look out for yourself on the Steam page for the game.

Horizon-Zero Dawn of In the summer of 2020 the PC’s appear to be.

Take a look at our testing He, according to him, the main goal of Zero-the Dawn of the PS4 has been carried away. Look out for our To test the game in the Video to:

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Horizon Zero, in time, will also appear in the APPLICATION.

In February of 2017 and has appeared in the The PS4-exclusive title – Horizon: Zero early in the Morning, and went directly into the mouth of one and all. The story takes place around 1,000 years after the collapse of the human civilization. After a disaster, the various tribes of the late stone age and the ancient times were made of, but the game world is also populated by a futuristic looking Machine. The The Mix of the pre-industrial stage of development, and in the future it makes the game especially interesting.

So far, the only console that gamers have had the pleasure, but if it goes according to multiple sources, the PC gamers just a joke, and the protagonist of the Aloy by today’s diverse world.

In the world of the game, there are some particularly beautiful places.

Pictures of the match(16 pics)

Horizon, a Zero-Rise: The most beautiful images in the Photography Modes

The first Guerrilla warfare match on a different platform

So far, all of the games and the Studio environment have been exclusively for the console developed. Horizon: non-Zero in the Early hours in the PC, it would be up to the company to a new one Marco media. Also, it could be like that, so far as the complaint is, in any case, the sources said to Kotaku. Do you wish to remain anonymous, but they are supposed to be at the level of Sony’s newly opened.

A disadvantage of the PC Version wouldn’t be safe, so that the Studio could show off what he can do for you. Even if it is not felt to the players as it reached the Horizon: non-Zero in the Early hours on the console because of the Hardware of the PlayStation 4 The 30-frame-per-second. A PC Version would most likely be the most powerful and it’s a chance for everything in the game as possible.

Since It’s A Sony not yet officially said information to be taken care of. We will keep you posted on the SAME Games to date. What do you think? I would like to start a game for the PC that I can buy? Your opinion, and you can also write us below in the comments.