The infanta Cristina has already met his “brother secret and famous”. Last time


Infanta Cristina

12 of march 2020
(13:00 CET)

As you well know the king emeritus Juan Carlos I, the bad news never come alone. And in your case are already a few that have caused that your name is in mouth of all.

If it was a long time, especially since he abdicated and gave the throne to his daughter, which the name of Juan Carlos I not enjoyed the protection which it had enjoyed long ago, in the last few weeks, the research that is being conducted by the prosecutor’s office of switzerland has placed him in the spotlight.

Juan Carlos I | EFE

A Juan Carlos which, yes, has opted to stay on the sidelines. There are not a few who are asking/demanding that the old monarch to rule over everything that is coming to light. On the other hand, internal tensions in the Royal Family that is causing this earthquake is not that they are precisely lower. On the contrary.

The last hour of the infanta Cristina

But eye because, if this whole mess didn’t have enough Juan Carlos I and your family, now is not other that Corinna which is again increasing the pressure on the old monarch. Eye, not just because they have a very good relationship. On the contrary.

The business German, one of the mistresses of the now emeritus, has put a lawsuit against him. However, in the last few hours not to run for The Zarzuela is the name of Alexander. Who is it? Neither more nor less than the son of Corinna.

A Alexander who just turned 18 years and that, therefore, the media can already start to publish images of him and speak of him. There was another that Pilar Eyre who said just a few days ago that, in fact, Alexander “She called him dad! Don Alexander, the son of Corinna Larsen, called dad to Juan Carlos! I wanted it as a child!”.

Corinna Royal Family

Hence, taking into account that Corinna coincided in the past in any act with the infanta Cristina and her husband, Iñaki Urdangarin, there are few in the network to ensure that the king’s daughter has already met her “brother secret and famous”.