The last “garrulada” of Rosalia. “You don’t know what to do to get attention”


Rosalia in the anthill

March 13, 2020
(17:08 CET)

It seems that Rosalia it’s not going to have too many problems with the coronavirus. She has already warned in their social networks that mounts to the study in any part as we have been able to see in your last string of photos on social networks.

In addition to teach their makeshift studio in a habituation also wanted to show her new nails that are truly spectacular and have gotten positive feedback from MTV to Juanes.

However, it seems not to have liked at all, because her long new nails to some that may seem like a “garrulada” and that the artist “does not know what to do to get attention”.

Nails unique

In fact, as we can see in the pictures these nails have a different format to what we had seen up to the moment, something that would have commented some of her fans and would have qualified their nails as “sim cards”.

What is certain is that these are the nails most original that we have seen Rosalia in a long time and that I’ve seen fake nails of many different types.

Styling family

It seems that everything that has to do with their looks has to do with his family, as his sister Pili Vila Tobela, more commonly known as Daikirym is the one who takes care of his looks, and is responsible for the estilsmo of the Catalan artist.

For the moment, is not very well known, but all of their outfits give a lot to talk about.