The sad words of George Junior to his father within three months of his death


The reguetonero cubano Jorge Juniorleader of the grouping of urban music 4he has dedicated some moving words to his father, the exboxeador and olympic and world champion cuban Jorge Hernandezmarking three months of his death.

Jorge Hernàndez Carvajal, real name of the singer, shared on his account of Facebook old image that appears next to the missing athlete and next to it wrote a text in which, in addition to express the pain felt by their absence, and apologizes to his father for having been questioned in certain instances the education that they provided.

“They are already 3 months that make your game. Today, with my misty eyes, I say to you that now I understand many things that was not clear. It is very hard the task I left off and I’m going to ask you to forgive me for if I ever said or thought bad about your way of educating us. Each time you hit the 12 is a shortness of breath and tightening in the chest that you can’t imagine. I know that my voice reaches you and you listen to it, that is why I speak all night with you. And even though I can’t hug you, just to imagine I agree. Thank you for all champion, proud of you”, it was written full of Jorge Junior.

Facebook / Jorge Hernandez Carvajal

Jorge Herández, considered the glory of the sport of cuba and one of the legends of pugilism of all time, he died last December 12, 2019 in Havana at 65 years of age.

His departure, leaving a gap between his family members and followers of the boxing history of the Island, was marked by controversy after the own Jorge Junior denounce publicly INDER (National institute of Sports, Physical Education, and Recreation) by the lack of attention and misunderstanding before the funeral of his father.

The street artist, said in his day that none of the institutions of the country had been concerned about giving you a farewell worthy of an elite athlete and the own INDER alleged that they had “no resources nor money to pay the visitation”.

In such a case, Jorge Junior had to bear the expenses of the funeral and pay “850 cuc for the box” of his father, a gesture that could allow thanks to the good financial position that has to be the director of the successful group The 4.

Facebook / Jorge Hernandez Carvajal

“How the INDER or other institution will tell me that you do not have the resources nor the money to afford the visitation of the glory of this country that gave them many victories and a lot of money? How INDER I is going to make you pay 850 CUC per box of my father to be able to give you a proper burial, and as it deserves? What would that wake if I weren’t the director of The 4, if I could not pay for that box? No one cared, no one remembered that athlete that you gave to this country”, wrote through a post that you shared on your profile on this social network.