The tattoo of Leonor that makes it go crazy Letizia as never


12 of march 2020
(12:30 CET)

It is no secret that, as the princess Leonor is going to be greater, the relationship with her parents begins to be a little conflicting. And more now that its 14 years, the daughter of Felipe and Letizia is entering adolescence.

A time that, as you well know all the parents, it can become very complicated in terms of the parent-child relationship. A time where little kids go from being children to being adults and where the hormones soar.

On the other hand, it is a time also where you start to develop an own character to himself as a personality that, in many cases, is in conflict with the parents. And Leonor not that it’s an exception. Much a day is going to be the queen of Spain and that your education and your day-to-day little resembles the rest of her classmates, the eldest daughter of the kings does not cease to be a teenager who begins to have disagreements with their parents.

Letizia Ortiz, Felipe VI, princess Leonor and the infanta Sofia | EFE

The tattoo of Leonor

And one of them is by a tattoo. It seems that the idea of getting one when it is a little older, (you must be of legal age to do so) already round by the head of the heir to the throne.

An idea that shares with some of her friends from school and that, being as it is Leonor a girl very educated, has wanted to transmit to his mother Letizia. But the response of Ortiz it has not been precisely as expected.

Despite the fact that in any case the idea of Leonor is getting a tattoo now but have the option on the table for a future, seems to be that his mother would not have made iota of grace or even that your daughter may have.

Come from the palace that the mess that has been mounted around this conversation has been of the fat. Letiziathat has always been very on top of education of their daughters, do not even want to hear about (eye, like many other mothers) of the idea that her daughter tattoo something, whatever that may be. We’ll see if in the future, when Leonor be of age, to heed or not to his mother.