The wireless Transmission of the Dolby Atmos Firmware Update!


LG OLED & UHD TVs, starting from 2019, will be capable of transmitting audio signals, uncompressed wireless WiSA!
Among other things, LGs OLED & Tv UHD (beginning in 2019), it is possible to transmit a signal from the uncompressed audio wirelessly via WiSA

This is the dream of any home theater Builder? The built-in Speaker, Wireless and Audio Association (WiSA) announced that it has Dolby Atmos support for the Standard through a Firmware Upgrade at a later date.

The WiSA allows you to transmit Audio from a TV or a Player is not charged through a WiSA-USB Dongle) to a compatible one with the built-in speaker. The Standard is, etc. among others, LG Electronics, Bang & Olufsen, Microsoft Xbox, Harman Kardon, TCL, Klipsch, JBL, Sound, States (Denon, Marantz, Polk…). I’ll second that. The UHD and OLED TV from LG with support for WiSA since its 2019 Schedule. This means that a Dongle has been to distribute the 5.1 Surround Sound and wireless card to the Configuration of the built-in speaker. Even if the speakers are to be individually powered, it is a very convenient place, which is an additional connection for the signal to cut the transmission (usually via HDMI or the Audio cable from the Receiver to the beginning). Thus, the loudspeaker can be easier and, possibly, free of charge in the room.

7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Setup WiSA
It can be passed on to the Dolby Atmos audio bals wireless WiSA || image by: WiSA

As just noted, has been limited to the WiSA Standard to at least a 5.1 Surround Setup. With the new software, just the built-in speaker and cannot connect it, the sound data can also be attributed to the size of the speakers.

Dolby Atmos is transmitted to the wireless

“We are very pleased that our TV – and to provide our channel partners with the ability to send a Dolby Atmos content wirelessly to WiSA-certified speakers and giving our members the opportunity to expand your wireless audio system is the range of products, with the solutionshe said Tony Ostrom, President of the WiSA. “When you Add this function queries are supported, we have received so much from WiSA members, as well as the consumer. We can’t wait to see WiSA-Ready and is WiSA – certified products, which simplify the process of creating a three-dimensional immersive audio experience to the home considerably.”

The user may, in the future, in order to give, in addition to the Surround audio channels for height speakers in the Front, Back, and side to side. Support for Dolby Atmos is also not too far away. In the second quarter of 2020, with the corresponding Firmware to be released with the Update. Maybe it’s the WiSA Standard to arrive at this innovation, and finally, here is a little more complicated. It would be more cool for when the Dolby Atmos Signal can be transmitted via the built-in, Streaming audio from the App to LG, Oled, or maybe a new Xbox, X-Series,, or the Playstation 5 console, a wireless, a Dolby Atmos Setup.