These are the prices for the Huawei P40 P40 and


Huawei on the 26th of may. In March, the two brand new Smartphones to introduce. This is in many ways an emotional one. They also have an Android but without Google Apps and services. Huawei is a lot of Hype about the App’s Gallery, which is now to be attempted, it is, of course, to the Google-Play-to-create-a-rain-soaked country, with with an Alternative.

Not only the service, but also with a wide range of applications on offer. At the moment, I’m in a bit of a skeptic, even though undisputed, is that Huawei offers to their devices, all at once. A report from the Greece, and presently in the round, want to reveal the price of the Huawei P40, and the P40 Pro – at least in the country of origin of the report. It is, therefore, in brief, is as follows:

• Raising P40 Pro-256-GB – 1.139 Euro
• Raising P40 128 GB – 849 €

By way of comparison: in The P30, Pro, launched last year, the 999, it was 128 GB of storage, for a price of 1.099 Euro is the cost of 256 GB. The simple, the P30 has started on the 749. The Greek report is correct, then you will have to plan a bit more in comparison to its predecessor. If we consider a device without Play Services, which are expected to be in the moment, never install it, even if you have a purchase in mind.