This feature will make the phone significantly more expensive


The OnePlus 8 is already in the starting holes, because there is some bad news for the Fans, by the manufacturer. As it is now officially known, was made up of the three new phones in the series is much more expensive than the previous models. The reason for this is to be found very quickly.

The source of the image, and the SAME – OnePlus 7T For

OnePlus: mobile phones are the most expensive because 5G

In April, the Chinese manufacturer wants to introduce his OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro, and also the OnePlus 8 Lite’s, to members of the Public. For the price, as yet, very little is known, but that has now changed. In an Interview with CNET, CEO Pete explained to the and has Performed more-or-less out in the open that the OnePlus 8, it is much more expensive than previous Smartphones from the manufacturer. A certain amount of money wasn’t mentioned, but that’s the reason why when it comes to the price up.

The OnePlus-the 8-series to be equipped for 5-add-ons: “I would like to reaffirm our commitment to the 5G, and for our long-term investment,” said Lau. “We are investing over a number of years on 5, and see this as the direction we want to go. We 5 thank-you.”

This, in turn, have a direct impact on the price of the mobile phones: “We have always been in a Position of wanting to develop the best product at the best possible price. The new technology is cost, which is increased in comparison with that of 4G products”. Even the OnePlus 8 Lite is offered as one of the 5 variant, and there is also the possibility that it is later than a Version with 4G for sale.

What do we keep with the current OnePlus 7T Pro, you can find it here in the Hands-On Video:

: Come on OnePlus, now it’s 1000 Euros for the phone?

While the all-new OnePlus one mobile phone price price, it is expected, intensive, crash, is that it should be Performed in accordance with it, but there’s no reason to panic. The OnePlus 8, it is supposed to be “affordable”, and for sure different settings would give you.

OnePlus had already entered the stage of years as a “flagship-Killer”, and the first mobile phones much cheaper than what the competition offered. The OnePlus One went up in 2014 for just 269 euros on the counter. In the course of time, mobile phones have become more expensive, even if you don’t have it today, it has reached the milestone of 1,000 euros, from a special Factory editions are provided. OnePlus could even run the risk of being in the eyes of the customer simply third-party, among many others, such as in the case of Caschys Blog, this is suspicious.

As for the OnePlus ® 8 Pro might look like, we are going to show in the images:

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OnePlus 8 Pro as beautiful as the next Top may seem like a Smartphone

The OnePlus 7T, For it was in October, 2019, for 759 euros on the sale, and now it has . Also, the OnePlus 7T shall be paid for the full price of the product, Amazon lists the phone .