Trailer for ‘Homeland’, which will be released may 17 on HBO Spain and in 60 other countries


Although a few months ago HBO Spain released his first own production of fiction, ‘Foodie Love’, what is certain is that ‘Homeland’ was the first project that the platform announced after disembarking in our country. Based on the best-selling novel by Fernando Aramburu, this series created and written by Aitor Gabilondo is intended to be the blow on the table of the platform in front of the huge amount of series created by other companies (Netflix and Movistar+ go to the head right now). Taking into account the literary phenomenon that was the original material, there is an impatience to see the result, and we finally know when we will be able to do so.

Here are the trailer final de ‘Homeland’ (after a few advances suggestive), which will HBO Spain on the 17th of may. The bombshell is that the series will reach more than 60 countries, including the united Statesthe style of the films overall of the series from Netflix. Yes, with the difference that ‘Homeland’ will be issued on a weekly basis, although it is expected that the first two episodes, of eight, arriving at the same time in the first week.

Although it is a bit to see the final result, as it says there that Gabilondo has signed a series of very excitingthe trailer also hinted at. The challenge is that it is at the height of the novel, but also to the prestige that HBO brings it home. If ‘Foodie Love’ was a lesser product but with a lot of personality, ‘Homeland’ should aspire to be compared with the great dramas of the chain.

The story of a hug


‘Homeland’ is a product that is 100% basque if we look at its screenwriter and cast. The story, the two families that are faced by ETA and the nationalist conflict, it deserves putting a lot of love and care to the production.

Directed by Félix estrellas by felix viscarret and Oscar Pedraza (after Pablo Trapero leave the project in its early stages) and with a soundtrack by Fernando Velázquez, andl division is headed by Elena Irureta and Ane Gabarain, that give life to the two matriarchs, Bittori and Look respectivelyalong with José Ramón Soroiz, Mikel Laskurain, Iñigo Arambarri, Susana Abaitua, Jon olive Groves, Loreto Mauleón and Eneko Sagardoy.

‘Homeland’ is supervised by Miguel Salvat, the person in charge of the production of HBO Spain, and Steve Matthews and Antony Root, HBO Europe.