Tv Azteca: Flor Rubio sends strong message to Pepillo Origel


During one of the broadcasts of the programme “Venga la Alegría”, one of the productions with greater audience Tv Azteca; Flor Rubio broke the silence and spoke about the legal battle that pits you against Juan José Origel, better known as Pepillo Origel.

Remember that Flor Rubio sued Pepillo Origel for moral damage, and said he never received an apology in person by the driver of the show. Since his apology only came with cameras without giving the face personally.

With regard to this topic the driver of Tv Azteca was mentioned that a true apology is to take back what they did, since Pepillo Origel not only is the left wrong about the audience but with his own family, by declaring that his work on the television had done by sleeping with various men.

“A true apology is to retract, what he did was to defame me, to go against my honor…

tell my children that their mother, the bread that lead to its mouth, is because it messes with one and with another mother.” It was part of the statements that Flor Rubio mentioned during the programme “Venga la Alegría”.

Also the driver stated that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, put the legal case list, that is to say, that is study because there are still comments that need to be made. So there is still no final judgment in favour of or against.

Flor Rubio sends strong message to Pepillo Origel

On the other hand, Flower Rubio clarified that what is important in this legal case against Pepillo Origel, it is not about winning or losing, but to establish a precedent; since women no longer stay silent in the face of abuses and insults.

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Finally the driver of Tv Azteca noted that the comments of Pepillo Origel against them were a hard blow for her, since not only considered him as a coworker but as a true friend, I finally ended up betraying it.