VIDEO: Amanda Miguel sends another message to the “afflicted” who have the Coronavirus


Few days ago the singer of argentine origin, Amanda Miguelit became a trend in social networks after to refer to people who have Coronavirus as “afflicted”. But now the interpreter of 63 years has sent another message through social networks to those who are sick. And now what I said?

Apparently the singer of “He lied to me” it feels repentant for the words he used during his interview with the media, as Amanda Miguel said that in his native country of Argentina to the people who are sick from the flu, or some condition similar, are called “afflicted”.

However, the singer said that he never had the intention of offending the patients who are carriers of the Coronavirus, and hopes that the public can disculparla for not having cared for his words. Although some users did not accept the other, the words of repentance from the interpreter argentina, most of his fans advised him to think better what to say before expressing an opinion.

Amanda Miguel and the plague Coronavirus

How did the comment “offensive” Amanda Miguel? The COVID-19 better known as Coronavirus is one of the pandemics that have caused panic in various parts of the world, by which, the press interviewed the singer, Amanda Miguel on your opinion of this disease. Everything was in order at the interview, until Amanda decided to call “plague” to the person suffering from Coronavirus.

This interview was broadcast in the program “A new Day” of Telemundo, and quickly caused anger and outrage in the audience, who began to attack the singer of “my friend”, for which she had to record the video asking for an apology for what was said.

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In the same way, the singer Amanda Miguel gave a number of recommendations to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus, such as the careful washing of hands and avoid physical contact with other people.