Video: No-3 by 2020 – then it’s not this type of game, PS5, Xbox, Series, or Nintendo to Change it to Pro? • Nintendo’s Turn


The start of the Game in the year 2020, in a way that breaks it is simple: The E3 do not have a place (we reported). But what does that mean for the Rest of the year? It will be in the game in 2020, or benefitted at all from the E3? And the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox, the X Series comes in a long time? The Maurice Weber has discussed with Heiko on the blade, and René Heuser of the game is to star in the Video below:

Most recently, a Ticket-in Online Store, started the game, it defaults to today, which is the trade fair from 25. August up to 29. In August 2019, it will be carried out. In addition to this, many publishers are now looking at the possibility of a purely digital event, similar to a Nintendo Direct-to share its content with their Fans and the media.

What do you think of the deletion of E3 in 2020, and how critical they are to the situation in the surrounding of the Coronavirus?