Vin Diesel ensures that the tribute to Paul Walker would be the “best time in the history of cinema”


Vin Diesel has released ‘Bloodshot’ does nothing, turning this time into a superhero. However, if there is something that is identified is by his already-iconic role in the saga of ‘Fast & Furious’, a role that led him to share many scenes with Paul Walker. Both were very good friends inside and outside of the screen, and it is for this reason that his death affected him so much. Diesel wanted to remember how hard it was for him to finish filming the seventh installment of the saga, in which they bid farewell to Walker.

Paul Walker

And is that anyone who has seen ‘Fast & Furious 7’ sure you remember the final scene, with both characters saying good bye hand in hand with the theme of ‘See you again’ playing in the background. For this scene it was necessary to record with the brother of Walker, and to be able to honor him in this way a tribute to the actor. In an interview for NME, Vin Diesel says “I didn’t want anyone to use this tragedy as a story, it was very important to me and it was a very difficult time. They did something so nice and with so much class, all the world was able to mourn him. The men of the planet were able to cry together, and I think this may be the best scene in cinema history, not only of my career”.

The saga continued

Although the character of Brian who played Paul Walker left the series, this has followed through with very good economic results. Both ‘Fast & Furious 8’ as the spin-off of ‘Fast & the Furious: Hobbs & Shaw’ have had great results at the box office, and the franchise is announcing projects. That if, despite the fact that we already had a release date in may of this year and trailer for ‘Fast & Furious 9’, it has had to delay by a coronavirusso that will have to wait one more year to see again the family together.