What Anaffleck? The Internet reacts to the photos which seem to confirm the relationship between Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas


What began as just a rumor gaining more strength. And is that it would not be very risky to assume that Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck are a couple. This is due to the latest photos that have been posted of the two on Twitter, walking together on the beach, taking pictures and with gestures that leave little room for doubt.

The rumors began after finding that they had been traveling together after the filming of ‘Deep Water’, the new Adrian Lyne (‘Fatal Attraction’, ‘indecent proposal’), where both played to a marriage. Without a doubt it has been one of the news that have revolutionized the networkand we had reactions of all sorts. While some have taken it as something beautiful, to highlight the amount of users who do not end up seeing this couple, and even we have had some touches of humor with other subjects.

“I’m happy for Ben, he deserves to love, considering all that has happened in the last few years. You have my support Ben.”

What if…?

Within all the reactions, there are many of them that joke with the possibility of Ana de Armas had been the Catwoman of DCwith Affleck as Bruce Wayne. However, this is already something completely impossible that will remain as a “what if…?” because the actor will not return to play the superhero of Gotham.