“What if you do not sell?”


March 13, 2020
(16:33 CET)

OT 2020 is not passing a good time. Although TVE has decided not to cancel the format, probably not renewed for more issues. No doubt this new season is the least view of the history of the talent show. 16 contestants that little or nothing will remember them. Nor even of the last 32. Ana Guerra, Aitana, Amaia, Alfred or Cepedawere some of the biggest names of the first edition. However since you do not give the almost news.

Some of them have chosen to collaborate with firms in social networks as a means to survive because the songs don’t give you enough money. Ana War, for example, is going from failure to failure. Their songs are hardly heard and their tours lack of audience. Did not work nin his own or that he made with his partner, Cepeda.

The exconcursante has published a photo on their social networks, you probably check for Miguel Angel Muñozwhere it appears without any clothes, lying on the bed, freshly awakened and covering her strategically with a few white sheets. The image is black and white. The tenerife strip a kiss to his followers.

“If in an embrace we woke up with the curtains on top” he has written the young man next to the image that in a few hours was filled with ‘likes’ and comments. Many of them very critical of it. “Only vouchers to teach meat”, “how the music does not give you the money?” or “how you finish”, you write.