With the defeat of the Bend 2: Cheap flip-Phone, the bronze of fraud


Even more bizarre is the story with the defeat of the Telephone, that is, if you look at some of the commercials for the device. For a company that has published the Video once again to see the women in very skimpy Outfits, the one with the proposal, hundreds of sledge hammers on a table that is distributed in the Galaxy to Bending from abuse. In due course, Escobar is already on the release of its first flip phone to find out what they want to test Apple and Samsung”. In addition, the company has secured the URL, “ripsamsung.com” that has led to the user-Escobar-home page. That is, the one with the defeat of the, Bend over 2, smart wrapped up the Galaxy to the Fold, there is no mention on the website or in the ads, though.

In the magazine, PCMag that the companies that have a head with the defeat of the Telephone, at the time, Roberto Escobar, and the Swedish Olof Gustafsson, the claims are not entirely on your own. On-demand PCMag Gustafsson admitted that aufkaufe folding of the Phones from the same manufacturer, such as Samsung. Since I have you “between the merchants jump to the” triple damages from Samsung, then, apparently, by offering the same cell phone in your best “Robin-Hood” style-at a much lower price. All for the benefit of our customers, of course. So, should you be in the moment “more than 200,000” Galaxy-Bend over units, you will get a lower price to the consumer, so it PCMag.
If so, it’s that it is open to question. At the time of the writing of this article, the front page of the Escobar-the cell phones is no longer available.