Alejandra Guzman and Paulina Rubio cancel their tour together due to a STRONG reason


Alejandra Guzman and Paulina Rubio they were going to start a tour together this year in a few months, everything was already ready to boot with the promising gig, until they decided to cancel it. But no, it wasn’t because of the pandemic of the coronavirus, but by another strong reason. Oh the rivalry!

According to the program “first-hand”, Ale Guzman and “The golden girl” already had almost everything ready to start performing various concerts throughout Mexico, as in his time did Alejandra in the company of Gloria Trevi. The tour “Versus” it would be a show where The Guzman and Pau Rubio were to share the stage and some musical themes famous of each one.

However, it was the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, who confessed that the strong reason for the cancellation of the show is that the singers we hate it!

“It should be noted that Paulina Rubio and Alejandra Guzman are not frowned upon… it’s hate!”, said Adolfo Infante in the program of Image TV.

Alejandra Guzman and Paulina Rubio/Photo: Canal RCN

Alejandra Guzman and Paulina Rubio/Photo: Canal RCN

Despite the fact that they had recorded a song together, the success of “Ni tu Ni nadie”, which once made famous the song Alaska y Dinarama, Alejandra and Paulina were not able to resolve their differences and better they decided to cancel everything at the last minute. However, fans have heard the new cover and have liked them, but so far it is not known when Guzman and Rubio will be able to sing it live, together.

Alejandra Guzman VS Paulina Rubio

In reality the public know that the two singers created a rivalry from decades ago, when Alejandra Guzmán and Paulina Rubio “fought” by the man himself, that is to say, the singer Erik Rubin. Even at that time Ale dedicated to him the song “Hey! Güera!”, while the Pau we sent a strong message to Guzman with the song “Mine”.

Erik Rubin with Paulina Rubio and Alejandra Guzman/Photo: sea Urchins

Erik Rubin with Paulina Rubio and Alejandra Guzman/Photo: sea Urchins

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Although it is said that that conflict was in the past, now seem to have once again had lawsuits both interpreters, and in accordance with “first-hand” the void of friendship and the problems among them is what has caused the tour that they would do together, they decide to cancel.