Alejandra Rubio “don linchada!” for this picture “mocking” of…


March 13, 2020
(21:14 CET)

Mess, and fat. Alejandra Rubio in the mouth of all. The daughter of Terelu Fields slipped with her last picture on Instagram, or, at least, corroborated by the vastness of messages that have been put to the granddaughter of María Teresa Campos in the pillory.

For some Alejandra has been “I linchada!” unfairly, for others, the reviews are short, while there are also, as in all things, who upholds the daring. What the reason for the mess? This photo.

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Rubio hung a snapshot with a mask by the coronavirus, but with a peculiarity: the protector was full of bright or stones of Swarovski.

A detail that has not liked a hair to the suffering from the virus or try to avoid it. Understood by some as “mockery” to the disease/ sick, photo of “cateta”, “ignorant”, “girl dick” and worse things.

Alejandra received so cute in a moment, in the professional, moreover, complicated.

The granddaughter of the Fields, this being, photo margin, hard criticism for his appearances in Telecinco. To the criticism of “plug-in” mother, aunt and grandmother, we add that point to your inability to make the grade in programs “where the poor da pena”point.

Interventions “without hook” that give strength to those who say it is “soda” and is there “ for being who you are”. The mask with sparkling stones does not help. The popularity of Rubio plummets.