Alexander Delgado, a great friend of Julio Iglesias Jr.: “Good to see you brother”


The fame and success that has earned the singer urban cuban Alexander Delgado hand-in-hand of your group Gente de Zona not only has opened the doors to the music market at the international level, but also has given him the opportunity to rub shoulders with leading artists from other countries and with people of the social spheres higher in Miami, Florida.

Example of this is the close relationship with the Spanish singer Julio Iglesias Jr.the son of socialite Isabel Preysler and the famous singer Julio Iglesias, and of which we have been able to witness thanks to a photo shared by the interpreter of The liar in his profile of Instagram.

In the image, which builds up thousands of ‘likes’, The Monarch boasts of the great friendship that you have with Julio Iglesias Jr., for in it appear both hugging and smiling and sharing a fun moment at home.

“Here with Julito Iglesias Junior, good to see you brother,” were the words that you added to the reguetonero to the publication, and that reinforce your fellowship.

Gente de Zona y Julio Iglesias Jr. have never shared a stage or any musical project, however, may this meeting be the start of a possible collaboration between the Spanish and the cubans.

If so, the duo of reggaeton add to their repertoire a new work with someone from the family Churches, because let us remember that Alexander Delgado and his partner group Randy Malcom collaborated with Enrique Iglesias, brother of July, and the cuban Descemer Buenoin the mega-hit world Danced.