“All of Seville knows that you are not together”. Eva González betrayed by him!


Eva González in the concert of Vanesa Martin

March 13, 2020
(16:43 CET)

The relationships in the family Rivera are not at all well lately. These months have been in the news, Eva Gonzalez and Cayetano Rivera after a few photographs published by the magazine Week, where you see the matador in the company of a young lawyer taking a walk through London. As these images belong to years ago, when the bullfighter and the presenter had put an end to their relationship.

It seems that the waters are starting to calm down, although there are those who still refuse to believe that the relationship between them is good. According to some media would announce their divorce in less than a year and they are just disguised forms of face to the cameras. The couple worked together on the second anniversary of your son Cajetan. With these images zanjaron all kinds of rumors, but the last getaway of Eve turned to open the closure.

Eva Gonzalez dress red

The presenter went to a wedding completely alone, without Cayetano Rivera. As it could not be otherwise, the seville eclipsed all his followers with his look more successful, however that does not prevented him to ask for the matador. Eva chose a red dress passion of the signature Mercedes Alba. It is a red dress cut-midi with feathers on the sleeves, made by hand expressly for the occasion, which combined with a few shoes Uniqshoes, and her signature low bun with a streak game that so good you feel. For the christening of his nephew Martin also believed in this designer.

Cayetano Rivera with the peña taurine

While the presenter was “celebrating love”, the right-hander enjoyed “a nice field day and tentadero” in the Dehesa Yerbabuena with the Peña taurina (the Bullfighting Cayetano Round, judging by the image that he has shared with all his followers. “Thank you friends for always being there and follow us!”, published alongside this group photo.

An event in event, and the other of toro in toro and shot because I have to. It seems that ultimately the paths of the couple do not go hand in hand and have other preferences beyond to be together and share moments. The exmodelo keeps silence in the face of all the questions that are asked on the state of the relationship and how it has affected “the other”, in the same.

But the misfortunes do not come alone. Recently Eva González has received the difficult news. Atresmedia has paralyzed the Voice recordings for the coronavirus until further notice. As a minimum for 15 days. Will start again in the case of a decrease the infections.

So Eva Gonzalez stays at home with your little one and what with Cayetano? It is what they wonder about many followers who believe that the couple would be doing separate lives for months.