Also Cinesa and Kinepolis: movie theaters Spanish closed by the coronavirus


It seemed inevitable after seeing what happened in China and Italy: Spain have to force yourself to stop the machine to prevent the spread mass of the coronavirus. Pedro Sánchez has announced this Friday the 13th (how not) to the alarm state, the second in the history of democracy, according to which they shall provide for extraordinary measures on the mobility of the people. A few hours before the Community of Madrid decreed the enforced closure of all the shops that are not supermarkets and pharmacies, to which yelmo Cinemas were the first to announce its consistent with a more radical measure: they closed their rooms throughout the country.

Movie theater empty

Probably the Helmet he saw coming what is happening, because the cinemas across Spain are falling as if it were a domino. Kinepolis announces on its website the closing of its cinemas across the country following the Government’s measures. For its part, Cinesa only has at this time an announcement of “closed until further notice” in the theatres of the Community of Madrid, but the programming has disappeared in the halls of the rest of the country. It is expected an announcement in the next few hours.

The Renoir Cinemas have been advised by mail to their customers that they were closing the halls of the capital of the country. The barcelona Floridablanca continues to offer programming on the web, but buying tickets online gives an error. It is clear that the exhibitors are working in a hurry to respond to an unprecedented situation. Only two weeks ago we were talking with representatives of companies in the sector and told us that the film industry in Spain was not living any consequence of the coronavirus. By then, only China and Italy were being beaten heavily by the health crisis. Now Spain is part of the epicenter of the pandemic.

Movie theaters in provinces outside of Madrid, such as the basques and Getxo, also are announcing your termination of services. All of them are compliance measures that will be finalised after the meeting of ministers is expected this Saturday. Everything points to the cinemas, as the rest of Spanish merchants, will be closed for at least two weeks.

A bad year for Spanish cinema

'Operation ' Shrimp'

Movies like ‘Fast & Furious 9’, ‘Mulan’ and ‘No time to die’ have been announced in these days that their premieres were posponían, in the case of the new installment of the franchise ‘Fast & Furious’ a year. In Spain, the first movie that fell off the calendar was ‘Operation ‘ Shrimp’, a comedy Mediaset that will see in September if all goes well. But they are falling from the calendar hundreds of movies reach more minority whose distributors will notice very strongly the coup. The same happens with the cinema, since not only Cinesa but the halls of smaller towns that in normal situations, nor do they have an influx to throw rockets.

It is impossible to predict at this time the magnitude of the economic damage that will cause the coronavirus in the entire world. But this missteps in the Spanish film industry is very worrying, bearing in mind that we come from 2019, the first in five years that the Spanish cinema is not reached to raise 100 million euros. Sure that Universal will go ahead despite the delays of ‘No time to die’ and ‘Fast & Furious 9’, even Mediaset will be replaced in the coup of ‘Operation ‘ Shrimp’, but what will happen with the smaller fish of the industry, now you have to look for new holes in a calendar of premieres that already is a jungle? Tough times are ahead.