Angelina Jolie still makes the war Brad Pitt


Naked. Physically. Emotionally. So Angelina Jolie you in the December issue of the American Harper’s Bazaar. Photographed covered only by a transparent veil. And by each other, without hiding behind the usual phrases.

And these are the words of the diva, the ones that make more attention. To think well, are sincere and free of malice. To think, the worst, the equivalent of a wheelbarrow of stones, you want to take of the shoes, the operation of sympathy is to continue after the divorce. Why are the rates on ex-husband Brad Pitt the halls from one place to another. “I would love to live abroad and I’m going to do once my children are 18 years. For the moment I have the base needs to decide where her father lives“.

The sentence, taken by itself, is sufficiently neutral. But if you are in the context of the “scars invisible“has the end of the story, with Brad Pitt, as “a part of us, the free, wild, open-minded and curious will be turned off and the sound muted from the life. Of the pain. From evil, that it can do the other“and of the “blood, finally back in my body“see, the meaning is changeable.

Chie Angelina Jolie and who is Marcheline Bertrand?

Angelina Jolie and her mother Marcheline Bertrand. After all, what is happens, you, the diva has surgery for preventive.

Fortunately, but, “my children know who they really are and have me start the motor again tobe, ” says Angelina Jolie. The, as only a few other times, he spoke about the times of his childhood before the fame. If a young girl was an outsider to the Beverly Hills High School, which she attended as a teenager. “I was exactly the person the most popular in the school. I was a punk. I liked wearing clothes, leather, pvc, network. These were my three pieces of clothing favorites“.

brad pitt, angelina jolie maddox

Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie with their last two children, twins Knox and Vivianne.

A fish out of water, in fact. A kind of brand that has remained to him a lot of time. And made them more sensitive to certain topics. “You label people and draw them in a box is no freedom at all. Difference and diversity-these are the things that is most important to me – in my family and in other“. Therefore, he has decided to behave in the same way that you might be a little unconventional with his children. “You know who she really is a very important topic for all of us. Especially for a child.I think the children can say: “See, who you are, here is what I believe.” We can’t prevent the try, pain, grief, and loss. But we can teach you how to live a better life, the fight against“.

Angelina Jolie, one also speaks of “physical pain“as physical pain. For you the door is testified by the scars on the body. To remove signs of the operations, the Breasts and the ovaries. An ambitious target, to reduce the pride of the possibility of the borrowing of tumors and killed many of the women in your family.

A woman who knows what she wants, of course. But, again, the heart of interviews with Angelina Jolie about Brad Pitt. Because some of the love to the end. They turn. Sometimes in a war

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