Ariana Grande gives 300 thousand dollars to a foundation to pro-abortion


Ariana Grande has decided to donate part of the proceeds of the concert in Atlanta, Georgia, held on Saturday, June 8, at the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, or the national federation of the parenting schedule. The organization beats in the United States for the legality of abortion, to sex education and access to medical services also opposing the freedom of conscientious objection. The donation amounts to 300 thousand dollars, about 265mila euro, and comes immediately after the law entered into force in the state of Georgia against abortion, which allows women to terminate pregnancy only if this involves risks to the mother or if the baby has abnormalities, or death.

The gesture of Ariana Grande is only the most recent of the protests against Georgia, started by different production houses who have decided to stop the filming planned in the state. During his concert of Saturday, a group of homophobes had displayed a flag against the community of LGBTQ, but the fans had not reacted, engaging and then on Twitter. Ariana Grande had then responded with a tweet defending the fans and the entire community, thanking them for not having used violence.

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