Ariana Grande writes to the look-alike on Tik Tok: “Meet me!”


Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande in the countryside of Givenchy. The singer has a look-alike, very much on the popular social network Tik Tok: she has now decided to meet her. Read more and see the gallery

Ariana Grande

it is definitely unique. Or maybe not…

The american singer, in fact, has a look-alike. And they know well the many members of the famous platform Tik Tok, where the videos of the “second Ariana Grande” the plethora of. So as to have attracted the attention of the original artist.

Look at the similarity. It is not shocking?

The double it’s called Paige Niemann and she is 15 years old. Last month, his video had become viral, thanks to its incredible similarity with the american singer. Ariana Grande, of course, did not let escape all of this interest, so as to have commented on one of the videos of the girl with tweets. But not only…

The singer wanted to contact you personally, the 15-year-old, sending you a personal message on Tik Tok!

American Music Awards 2019

Ariana Grande he has written to his look-alike, proposing to meet on the sidelines of a concert. It is not sweet? / Photo Reuters

“He told me he was flattered by my video and I said that even I, in my way, are beautiful,” he told Paige to the microphones of Entertainment Tonight. “I thanked her because she had been really nice to me. And she told me to be proud of me. I am shocked by the fact that I have noticed,” continued the girl, delighted. It was truly amazing. Even if we speak of my absolute myth, in fact I was very excited and a bit I was shaking!”. And how to blame her, on the other hand?

But that’s not all here. The two, in fact, have a sort of “appointment”. “Ariana told me to let her know if I’m going to see it at a date of his Sweetener Tours, why would you be glad if there scambiassimo a hug!”. Incredible, isn’t it?

The fact that Ariana Grande is super sweet with her fans, however, is certainly not new. He has no fear that the 15-year-old, identical to her, wants to ensnare it on his throne: he wants only to give her a memorable evening, in company with his idol.