Avengers: Endgame, Scarlett Johansson was concerned about the victims of the ” Black Widow


The death of Natasha Romanoff, or Black Widow in Avengers: the Endgame has upset many fans, and Scarlett Johansson has told that he is trying to much worry.





Avengers: Endgame there were a lot of emotions, including the victim Black Widowone of the victims of the fight against Thanos, the sacrifice has to be the Bud of the soul and the salvation of your best friend, Clint Barton, the moment Scarlett Johansson was very worried.

In the case of a recently inrevista, Scarlett Johansson said, he told of his concern for this scene, which originally had an attack by Thanos and his soldiers, followed by a fight between Black Widow, hawkeye, and Captain Marvel in an attempt to prevent Thanos, the contract for the Bud. The actress has described you as the scary monster, similar to the Dissennatori: “I thought, ‘The parents will forgive us, never to enter one of these creatures”

Here, then, that, after the concern of the actress, the upper floors of the Marvel have decided on the Studios to eliminate it, because maybe actually too much for the young audience the Avengers loved. The new result of the death of the Black Widow is not only rescued, parents in dealing with children, traumatized, but also allowed, to the death of Natasha have a bit more depth, so that the spectator of suffering, but at the same time, proud of his courage.

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It was not the only change on the film to impress the young people. In fact, first of all, the death of Iron Man was, at least in the imagination of so much blood, the face completely unrecognizable from the glove of infinity, of detail, of course, cut into the final output of the film.