Black Widow, a strong Scarlett Johansson on the new cover of Empire


Empire released two cover exclusive Black Widow in the stands of the fair and unbroken a agguerritissima Scarlett Johansson in the main role of the Marvel movies.





Empire has released two cover exclusive to Black Widow where is the fair and unbroken a agguerritissima Scarlett Johansson. This not only means that the campaign Marvel for the movie to be standalone, dedicated to the Black widow in the middle of the break-in period but also that its release date, the 1. may is yet to be confirmed.

Black Widow: the new guidelines of the cinemas could USE, to move to the exit?

The cover of ” Black Widow show us Scarlett Johansson posing with a white suit and another in action dashed by Jen Bartel, the main signatory to the Marvel. Both of them can see a preview in the official Twitter account of the house of ideas. Campaign part, but the situation is not easy. In the last 48 hours has reported, is delayed, the outputs at the movies: Mulan, The New Mutants and Antlers after the pandemic Covid-19 in the world. Other productions have, sooner or later, your decision, such as the MGM, which gave him No Time to die”, ” the 25th James Bond film in november, and they indicate the other stop important to Fast & Furious 9, A Quiet Place, Part II and Peter Rabbit 2.

The new security directives of the cinema-Americans, however, could lead to the postponement of the release of ” Black Widow. As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, in fact, the chain of multiplex-AMC (the largest in the Usa), today announced that its facilities remain open, will in the coming weeks, but with the clauses in connection with the security due to the Coronavirus. You can occupy only half of the seats, and this measure remains to 30.

Black Widow should go to the salt-American day, and if the security measure was expanded to provided period, this would be an effect of too little account of the receipts from the weekend open. The studio in search of a new date could. To add to this, there is then a further aspect, i.e. the uncertainty in countries such as England, France, and Germany, where it can happen, similar measures, or possibly even to the closure of real cinema, as this happens here in Germany.