Camila Cabello on the coronavirus: “it Is frightening”


The cuban singer Camila Hair sent a message to his followers, for the purpose of “frightening” pandemic coronavirus that is plaguing the world.

The interpreter My Oh My he wrote a few words in your own handwriting to tell their faithful followers that “I’m thinking of all of you” in these “frightening times for the human”.

“Let’s take care of each other and we will get through this together,” concluded the singer.

The fans thanked for his message of unity, its beautiful words and that you have it present in your thoughts and good wishes.

Other celebrities like Cardi B and Naomi Campbell have also shown their fear of the ever-increasing number of hiv infections in the united States, which exceeds 1300.

Of these cases, 38 have died in Washington (30), California (4), Florida (2), New Jersey (1) and South Dakota (1).

The president, Donald Trump declared this Friday a national emergency, which will allow the Federal Agency for Management of Emergencies to have access to up to 50,000 million dollars of the relief Fund for Disasters, to combat the spread of the virus.

At the global level, have been confirmed nearly 128 000 cases of infection and has already reached the alarming figure of 5000 deaths due to the coronavirus.

The pandemic has put a pause on heaps of tours and concerts all over the world, including tours of Ivy Queen, Chayanne, Maluma and the own Camila Cabello, who is waiting for booting around the height of her Romance Tour.