Camila Hair sends emotional message of support to fans who are afraid of the coronavirus


Camila Hair went to Instagram to send an emotional message of support to his fans, who have confessed his fear before the current epidemic coronavirus in the world.

Camila Hair sends emotional message of support to fans who are afraid of the coronavirus

Camila Cabello moves to fans on Instagram

Through its official account of Instagram, Camila Hair he shared with his 48.2 million followers on the social network that she shares her fears with the threat of the coronavirus in the world.

“We are in a frightening time for humans. I am breathing deeply and thinking of all of us. Let’s take care of each other and we will overcome this together”.

The message of Camila’s Hair reached 963 thousand likes on Instagram and has approximately 4,311 thousand comments, many of them of his fans concerned about the pandemic of coronavirus, but others appreciated his message.

Camila Cabello supports fans scared

Before the messages of concern of their fans, Camila Cabello posted the emotional message, written in his own hand in the letter and whose photograph he shared on his official Instagram.

In response, several of his fans appreciated the message, also sent words of support own and reminded him that should take care of before the risk of infection by coronavirus.

“Please stay safe”; “This is what we needed”; “I love You, take care baby”; “I love You and your huge heart”were some of the messages posted by his fans on Instagram.

With regard to the Romance Tour, Camila Cabello has not announced if they will cancel or postpone their presentations to prevent the spread of coronavirus among its fans.

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