Cardi B tweet “I would like to be dead”, but the fans misunderstand


A tweet appeared online, and then removed, it is enough to throw into a panic the fans Cardi Bthe beloved New York rapper, known for her boldness and for her nails sparkling. In the message that appeared on the Twitter the singer stated the desire to die: nononostante the removal almost immediately, the fans have made some of the screen and filled the profile comments. Cardi B is been showered with affection and support from his followers, ready to lash out against the detractors and the hater that time infesting the social profiles of the rapper. The hashtag #WeLoveYouCardi immediately took life starting to move quickly.

Without any explanation, Chard B continued with the publications expounding on Instagram a shot of the moment of the birth of her daughter, Kulture, the small had from her husband Offset: in the image the two kiss, and shook the girl in the chest. Perhaps the tweet it was just a simple manifestation of fatigue, the result of a weekend of challenging that has seen the artist stage of the Chumash Grandstand Arena in Paso Robles, California, as the headliners of the California Mid-State Fair. A real success for a live hot the tickets have been sold in just two hours in the month of February.

Cardi B, targeted for his past stripper, has long been at the centre of a controversy with the music Nicki Minaj and just recently he risked his life for a number of complications post-surgery, for plastic surgery. The situation has forced it to rallenatre the pace and close with the touch ups: for the moment, of enjoying the success and the renewed love with the husband, after the moment of crisis. A feeling so strong that made you want to tattoo the name of the companion on the back of the thigh.

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