Daniel Radcliffe clarifies your state of health in relation to coronavirus


Recently the news broke that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were infected with both coronavirus, news that is grabbing almost all the attention of the media. The virus has also affected the film industry and we are seeing celebrities talk about the topic and move away from ongoing projects. A few days ago began circulating the rumor that Daniel Radcliffe, the famous actor of ‘Harry Potter’ (among other projects) he had contracted the virus, and has decided to clarify the situation.

Daniel Radcliffe

In an interview published on Twitter of the podcast Smallzy’s Surgery, Radcliffe spoke of how it was the whole situation. “I walked in the room hair and makeup and the makeup artist said,” my niece just send me a text message and tells me that you have a crown. I Thought, ‘What?’ I think that is only because I look sick all the time and can speak in a credible way because I am very pale. That is the internet.” Apparently this is not nothing more than a hoax and the actor is good.

You have to be very careful

And although Radcliffe is well, we’ve already seen a variety of celebrities that have given positive in coronavirus. If we go back to the policy matter, we find that in our country Ortega Smith, Santiago Abascal, Irene Montero and Ana Pastor have been affected. In the world of sports the thing does not change, because after hearing the news that Rudy Gobert, a player for the Utah Jazz of the NBA had given positive, is canceled the competition, something that spread to almost all professional sports.

It is a situation before which you have to be extremely careful, putting forward our health and our care to avoid spreading it to anyone else. A situation in which we all need to slow down with everything to be able to accelerate the return to normal later.