“Don’t I have sex, I’m afraid”



Jennifer Lawrence: Not I have sex, I'm afraid

Sex, the fear. Jennifer Lawrence he revealed in an interview with ‘The Sun’ had relations only with men with whom he had a history of love, because he was too afraid to take sexually transmitted diseases.

The 27-year-old star, that these days promoting the film “Red Sparrow is’, admitted: “I always talk about sex, but the truth is, that when I look back, my sexual experiences were always only with friends“. “I speak, as if the sex I like, but – he added – in fact, I do not do”.

“I also have the phobia of germs and“he said, and stressed that the sex is “dangerous”. “If I am involved in the conditions that the mean a sexually transmitted disease, the doctors are already. To this point, I’m afraid of germs”.

The last relationship of Jennifer Lawrence, bound Hoult in the past and the front man of Coldplay, Chris Martin, and actor, Nicholas, was with the Director Darren Aronofsky47-year-old, that he directly in the film, ‘mother!’. The two broke up last november. “I have a relationship – explains the ‘Sun’ -, I say that I do not have sex for a long time“. Then he adds: “I would like to be with someone, but – in closing – do you know how hard it is out there!”.

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