emotional video of italians in quarantine, singing from their houses


An emotional video of Italian singing from their houses in the middle of the quarantine unprecedented that is experiencing the country by the coronavirushas viralizado in the networks.

The clip shows a deserted and silent street in Italy and how when a man begins to sing from his window, several neighbors join together and star in a stirring rendition of the popular song Il canto della Verbenain the northern city of Siena.

The video of Italian quarantined singing between them through empty streets from their windows, balconies and doors during the blockade of the coronavirus is as beautiful as it is haunting.

Another video captured the same moment from the other corner of the block.

Hundreds Twitter users were touched by the impromptu singing of a community that chooses to remain united and hopeful in spite of the strong health crisis that the country is living, mainly in the north.

“This is very touching”, “This has made me cry,””How beautiful to exorcise the fear, you feel less alone”, “This virus will go, what we will achieve, and we will be more united and stronger than before.”, “I could Not help the tears in my eyes with this video2, commented on some internet users.

A similar event occurred in Naples, where several neighbors came out to the balconies to sing “Abbracciame cchiù forte’, by Andrea Sannino.

In other cities, the italians have chosen songs more cheerful and up have built-in instruments.

Italy has the second largest number of cases of COVID-19 in the world, after China. Some 15 000 people in the country have been infected and more than 1000 have died.