‘Eternals’: Groups ultraconservatives already calling for its boycott by the kiss gay


‘Eternals’, the movie of Marvel that was about to premiere by the end of 2020, contains for the first time in the universe MCU a superhero openly gay, which seems to not have liked some of his fans. Such has been the uproar, a group called One Million Moms it has collected 20,000 signatures to boycott the film and to demonstrate that they do not support it at all: “I don’t agree with the agenda LGBTQ who is pressuring the families in the upcoming movie ‘Eternals’. Unless Marvel delete the gay superhero, and the kiss between persons of the same sex, my family will not see this movie. I will urge all my friends to do the same. Marvel has not left the conservatives another option to avoid ‘Eternals'”said the request made by the group. The signatures will be delivered to Marvel Studios in the next few weeks to ensure that the company listen to what they have to say.


Despite the fact that no-one has yet had the opportunity to view content of the movie, or even the first official images, the scene of the kiss between two people of the same sex seems to be a matter quite sounded in ‘Eternals’.

The boycott in the form of a virus

Probably a petition will not influence in any way in the film, but what you could do is the Coronavirus, which is delaying releases and paralyzing multitude of filming. In fact, the COVID-19 could do that ‘Black Widow’, which is scheduled to premiere during the spring of 2020, to delay their shoot and, as a consequence, to adopt the date of filming of ‘Eternals’, unknown what the new date would this.

Neither Marvel nor Disney want to modify the pitches of any of his filmsbut everything can be. There will be to be aware of how advances to the virus.