Fan chinese assures that the ANIME helped him to survive the Coronavirus


The anime it is a form of entertainment from Japan that has been affected by the Coronavirus in different factors, from the production, distribution, promotion, and also the help that has been provided to people that have had COVID-19 for a long period of time, we leave you with the story.

According to information from The Republic, is experience of life on a fan of the anime from China, took power thanks to the portal The Guardianwho is in charge of documenting everything related to survivor of Coronavirus “Tiyer Ye”, who unveiled the start of their illness by COVID-19 until his recovery.

It all started in mid-January of 2020, when Tiyer Ye revealed the details of their illness on their social networks, by monitoring their state with a number of publications on Twitter, and where mention was made of the presence of the anime to cope with their disease by Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Fan chinese assures that the ANIME helped him to survive the Coronavirus

Fan chinese assures that the ANIME helped him to survive the Coronavirus

Survivor of Coronavirus

“The 17 of January I dolieron the muscles completely. I may have had a slight fever, but was not strong enough to notice it. …my house and the school of languages where I study japanese are within a radius of 5 km from the seafood market of Wuhan (where it is believed that originated the virus),” said Ye.

“It felt as if it had been to hell and back. That period from January 21 to 26 was the worst moment. I coughed so hard that my stomach hurt and my back hurt. of the worst days of my life,” said the survivor, and also made mention of the anime as a way of finding support in their favorite activities he could still perform.

The fan took forces of his future encounter with his actress favorite voice of the anime “Ayaka Ohashi”, as a way to fight against the Coronavirus, “I Thought that everything could be cancelled. I went to his solo performance in the past year…should I do if I want to see your next concert with life”, he added.

“This really encouraged me and gave me a little relief, along with the medicine. I dreamt twice this week that I met her”, remembering that Ayaka Ohashi is an actress very dear in Japan, and also had success in the world of anime through their songs.

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Eureka Seven AO, The Idolmaster Cinderalla Girls, Magic Record, are some of the anime series that the fan chinese made mention in your testimony and certainly lifted spirits for the rest of the world that is dealing with more cases of Coronavirus.