‘Grey’s anatomy’ reveals who the father of baby Amelia


From the beginning of the season, number 16, the followers of one of the series most long-lived of the american television wondered who was the father of the baby that he hoped Amelia (Caterina Scorsone). Thanks to a visit to Carina (played by Stefania Spampinato), the neurocirujana, I discovered I was pregnant and since then fans have wondered about this mysterious paternity.

– The following paragraphs contain spoilers in the chapter on ‘what is Life on Mars?’ of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ –

'Grey's anatomy' father to baby Amelia

Finally, the chapter ‘what is Life on Mars?’ has settled the doubt and we already know if the father is Atticus ‘Link’ (Chris Carmack) or Owen (Kevin McKidd). When Amelia discovers that she is pregnant had just broken up with Owen and he was in a relationship with Link (who is thrilled at first, but just asustándose). In the last episode, Amelia makes a paternity test that ends to clarify this all, the baby is Link.

The character of Carmack confesses his love for Amelia before they even know who the father is and he promises that whoever he is, he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. “It’s not going to play by the rules of anyone. She is protecting her own heart, her own pregnancy and your own sanity above all else”, stated the showrunner of the series (Krista Vernoff) about the plot of the paternity.


Having discovered the identity of the father of the baby, Amelia, continue to build up the news related to the ABC series. Recently it was reported that the filming of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is stopped by the coronavirus and during the broadcast of last week we were able to say goodbye (with controversy) to the Doctor Alex Karev (Justin Chambers):

“You can’t not reverberate”said Jesse Williams Entertainment Tonight. “It’s an amazing character and stunning. I have always said that is one of my favorite characters”.