Helm’s closed all its theaters in Spain by the coronavirus


It was to be expected. With the increasing severity of the pandemic COVID-19, that in our country touches as the 4,000 cases that have tested positive, are beginning to take more drastic measures. If some days ago the Government forced the events of entertainment to a closed door to reduce to one-third its capacity to avoid crowds, there are cinemas that have decided to close it directly.

Cinema Helm

The chain Helmet announces that from Friday, march 13, all its cinemas will be closedthey , like their many candy shops Licorice to “ensure the protection and health of the people, both customers and employees”, as stated in a press release Fernando Évole, Country Manager of Helm.

Are not the first to make this decision. Seen the uncontrolled growth of cases in Madrid, the Cines Callao had already announced they were closing their rooms until the crisis passed. It is quite likely that they would have to do so equally, because the Government of the Community of Madrid has decreed the closure of all the local hotels and shops that are not supermarkets and pharmacies starting on Saturday 14 march. In that case they would include the movie theaters. Cinema Helm has chosen to close the whole country before that obligates the central Government.

The prime minister endured

This means a setback for the prime minister who decided to deal with the coronavirus and do not delay your arrival to rooms, such as ‘The song of names forgotten’, ‘Fahim’ or ‘And rained down birds’, which will continue to be available in the cinemas of the country from areas less affected.