I quarantined warm! Felipe VI and Letizia “do not talk”. And it is for this woman


March 14, 2020
(12:49 CET)

Although this Friday is confirmed that the King Felipe VI and the Queen Letizia not they were infected by the coronavirus, it doesn’t mean that the subject is a hot topic in the Royal House.

The concern has been on the rise since he learned of the positive case of a boy of the college Santa María de los Rosales study where the princess Leonor and the infanta Sofia. Apparently, the young man had been in contact with a teammate on his football team that had travelled to Italy. In the background, the closing of the schools was a relief for the monarchs.

çQueen Letizia and King Felipe VI. Photo: EFE


But Leonor and Sofia they are not the only ones that have generated some concern in the Zarzuela. The older people close to the royals is also the focus of the attention. Both the emeritus Juan Carlos I and Sophia as the mother of Letizia, Mary Dove Rocasolano.

Although more than a concern, which has caused a tense situation between Felipe and Letizia. Since the environment of the Royal House they even point out that they have come to scenes that “do not talk”.

The reason is that Letizia I would like his mother to be near in a time of so much uncertainty as those who are living in Spain. A wish that also has Felipe respect to their parents.

The kings don Juan Carlos and doña Sofia

The in-laws, far away

However, the former of Spanish Television don’t even want to see her in-laws. You do not want to close. And Felipe would not mind to welcome Dove. But I also would have said “no” to Letizia the fact of opening the doors to Rocasolano.

But not by the animosity that might have his wife to Juan Carlos and Sofia, and that the king might use to say, “if my mother, not yours, either.” The reality is that Felipe has made it clear that it is best that the family members of advanced age are kept away from the Royal Housebecause , although it gave negative in the tests, you never know at what point in time can manifest itself to the virus.