‘If the Government does not tell us how severe is the virus, I’ll go to Antarctica’


Cardi B has published a video, between the ironic and the frightened, on his page Instagram the official: “I fear, if the Government does not tell us what is really going on I move to the Antarctic.”

Cardi B: ‘I’m afraid’

The rapper twenty-seven shares a video with her followers, in which, in a bathrobe and hair, talk about how terrified pandemic that is shattering the world: “the Government tell us something. I don’t understand what is going on with this with this coronavirus. I don’t understand how this thing before it was to Wuhan, in China, and now, all of a sudden, this virus decides to go on tour around the world.

I say to you that I have no intention of dealing with this thing. I am afraid, this news made me go into a panic. I prefer to buy eib Moncler and move to Antarctica that taking a risk”. Says it all, taking in his hand a bottle of disinfectant and mettendoselo on the hands.

The rapper has also talked about how she was worried for the economy of the country and as equity markets continue to vertiginous descent. He reiterated how the United States is a capitalist country where money is important.

Citizens do not understand and is not explained if this situation that is looming in the country will last for two weeks or even two months.

The festival, Coachella has been postponed

The rapper has taken very seriously the news and has published his video after he has learned that the famous festival Coachellawhere you exhibit every year, great artists, and show the outfits the most bizarre, has been postponed.

The festival, in fact, being a collection point for a lot of people, may promote the spread of the virus. The show, whose original dates were in April, has now been postponed to the weekend of the 9,10 and 11 October and 16, 17 and 18 October. With tickets for April are already on sale, organisers have announced that they will be valid for the new dates, while those who could not attend will get a refund.

It is not yet confirmed whether the rapper will give his availability to perform at one of the dates of the show in October.

Now the United States has exceeded the number of 1000 cases of infection and finally it seems that the institutions are taking the emergency seriously. For now, we have been closed all the flights to Europe and from Europe. The Government is giving the first indications useful how to wash your hands for 20 seconds, avoid touching your face, keep a minimum distance with the others and try to decrease the possible social relations.

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