Isabel Pantoja ¡breaks up with Netflix! Scandal. And this is why!


March 13, 2020
(19:00 CET)

Isabel Pantoja has received a lot of criticism following his return to the scenarios. The renowned vocalist gave a concert last march 6, but many of his aides complained about the technical glitches. You forgot the letter, not to be heard in certain areas and all to save a few euros and get more benefit.

He has also had problems with his record label, Universal Music. With they made a new album, and her worst tour. It was just when it came out of the prison and the public didn’t see it with good eyes. The singer broke his contractual relationship with Universal, and now she herself is funding their work, with more or less luck. These were his words before his concert: “Now everything I do, is mine. There is no one. There have already been enough of Isabel Pantoja. Now I know what it’s worth to do an album, what’s it worth to launch it… but not before more deceptions, no. I want to be alone, free.”

  isabel pantoja concierto bata de cola

These statements have not liked at all to the record company who have already released a statement and they could take legal action against the artist. “We’re very surprised, saddened and outraged by these statements of Elizabeth. It is very serious to tell you that they have felt cheated. The first thing to know is that a company of this size always have it available, not only its artists, but of its executives and employees in general, the possibility to request, at the time they wish, an audit, to know exactly the status of their expenses and collections. We have not fooled nor hidden anything to Isabel Pantoja, or anyone else. To say that is a recklessness”declares a responsible.

Apparently it was Isabel Pantoja, who sought to Universal. “When he came to our company we made an album that worked well and even became gold disc. In addition, we planned a tour of several concerts in Spain, which were a resounding success. We took her to the Festival of Viña del Mar, in Chile, where he gave up three gulls, something that had not happened before,” says an executive of Universal.

These planned some concerts for the renowned vocalist that finally were not carried out by his guilt.As published by this medium, the singer was unable to obtain the work visa to act in the united States for refusing to comply with one of the requirements of the country: recognizing that he had committed a crime in Spain.

Also having problems with Netflix who was going to carry out a mini series on his life and finally not be able to perform.