José Ron is caught in ROMANCE with beautiful actress of Televisa, Who is it?


The mexican actor José Ron 38-year-old has been captured to the side of the pretty actress Televisa Jessica Diaz of 28 years. Although in several occasions, the couple refused to have something, a source close to them has confessed, yes they are romance and they’ve been around for several months together.

A close friend of the actress and singer Jessica Diaz has revealed to the magazine TVNotas that the artist Televisa is romance with the actor of telenovelas José Ron, even the source says that the relationship is serious and you both are falling in love each time more.

Few days ago the media asked Jose Ron if he had any relationship with the actress of Televisa, in which he denied having anything with her. However, the exclusive interview with TVNotas showed the opposite. The engagement between Jose Ron and Jessica Diaz started from the beginning of the year, although it took time out, she did not want to formalize with the actor to know that he would be faithful.

Jessica Díaz and José Ron/Foto: TVNotas

Jessica Díaz and José Ron/Foto: TVNotas

In addition, they have decided to keep in secret their relationship because Jessica Diaz did not want to be known only as “the bride of Joseph Ron”, and you want your work as an actress and a singer is more important than your sentimental life. The source said that Joseph agree to hide the romance, but even so, the paparazzi have captured together dating.

Jessica Díaz and José Ron/Foto: TVNotas

Jessica Díaz and José Ron/Foto: TVNotas

Who is Jessica Diaz?

If still you can’t remember who is Jessica Diaz Chavez, we can tell you that is a mexican actress and singer graduated from the CEA of Televisa. Has had units acting in various works of musical theatre, as well as in famous soap operas of Televisa as “The Rose of Guadalupe”, “As the Saying goes”, “Love to death” and is currently working on the telenovela “como tu, no 2” in the role of Tina Rebolledo.

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Jessica Diaz met actor José Ron for 5 years and became good friends. Although until a few months ago began to go out in the plan of romance, until they were boyfriends in secret early this year.