Julian Lopez (‘Just before Christ’): “In Ancient Rome I would have been a patrician or a publican”


The second season of ‘Just before Christ’ opens Friday, march 13 at Movistar+ and comes loaded with new features that cost them assimilate to their characters. “To Manio it overflows all much more this season”we have been told by Julián López. For her part, Cecilia Freire we anticipated that Valeria “it’s going downhill and without brakes, the worst thing that can happen happens”.

Manio on 'Just before Christ'

Something very different than what is going to happen to the character of Agorastocles, the slave of Acilius, which “you will return very changed, and more eager to change everything”she told us Xosé Touriñán, not only mentally but also physically. “It is the version of ‘Women, Men and vice Versa’ of Rome”says Freire.

This second season of ‘Just before Christ’ tells us how evolves the life of Acilius Sempronius, a young rich man that in his eagerness to get feats of what enrevesa all. In this second batch of six episodes everything will complicate more to the young man with the back of Agorastocles, the civil war, murders, secuestos, the flu and even the presence of ufos. Meanwhile, Valeria, along with her daughter Attica (Priscilla Delgado), is put in command to carry to Rome, to the most high.

We have spoken with their protagonists so that we advance what we’re going to see in this second season, what would they change of their characters and who would have been in Ancient Rome.

Valeria and women empowerment

Valeria, the character who gives life to Cecilia Freire, is the daughter of the general (César Sarachu), which, especially in this second season, takes over the reins of the situation when the civil war broke out, to stand at the helm, along with her daughter, replacing his father who at all times will hide what is happening.

“I guess that Valeria represents the very first women that maybe had a few small tints of empowermentalthough she has become a little old in comparison with Attica”, she told us Cecilia Freire.

The second season of ‘Just before Christ’ premiere Friday, march 13 at Movistar+.