“Just die”. Juan Carlos I hit. Last time devastating


March 14, 2020
(13:50 CET)

The Royal Family looked hit by a sad news a month ago, when it was announced the news of the death of Cristina de Borbón. Fallecuó in an accident last February 13.

A information to which you just add another equally tragic for Juan Carlos, Sofia and the rest of the Royal House. This is that, as you have advised Zarzuelajust , “you just die” , Beatrice Von Handerberg, former duchess of Seville. Beatrice entered in the Hospital of Marbella, where in recent days has worsened in health until loss of life. In fact, I could not go to the funeral of his daughter Cristina.

Beatrice Von Handerberg

Second hard blow to the monarchy in a month

The family has released this sad news with the following official statement:

“Dear friends:

With immense grief I tell you that this morning has died at the Quirón Hospital of Marbella my mother Beatrice von Hardenberg zu Furstemberg because of a cardiac arrest occurred as a result of the disease COPD who suffered from for years.

Given the circumstances, in health all across the nation, the wake is held in the strictest privacy. In these moments so sad for our family, we would like to thank the treatment received at all times by hospital staff as well as by the affection and dedication of all those who have taken care of my mother in these last times, and we ask a prayer for her soul.”

The message is signed by Olivia de Bourbon, the eldest daughter of Francisco de Borbón y Escasany and Beatrice Von Handerberg . The marriage had three children, and both of them were married until their separation in 1989.

The desire of the family is to offer a funeral mass later in memory of Beatrice Von Handerbergy of his daughter Cristina, when the crisis due to the Coronavirus to calm down.