Justin Bieber: What Is spread of coronavirus? So was grasped in a hospital!


Justin Bieber has aroused the concern of their fans to be captured with a mask when he went to a hospital in Los Angeles, fearing that the canadian is one of the affected by coronavirus.

Justin Bieber: What Is spread of coronavirus? So it is captured in a hospital!

Justin Bieber, what was positive for coronavirus?

Friday the 13th, no doubt it has been bad luck for Justin Bieber he was seen at a hospital in Beverly Hills, who arrived accompanied by his wife, Hailey Baldwin and wearing a mask, as is recommended to those affected by coronavirus.

So far, neither Justin Bieber nor his wife, the model, Hailey Baldwin has made any statement on whether the canadian has been infected by coronaviruses, or if the visit to the hospital due to complications from Lyme disease for the singer.

Justin Bieber: What Is spread of coronavirus? So it is captured in a hospital!

Hailey Baldwin accompanies Justin Bieber at the hospital

However, the american media ensure that the couple would have attended a medical facility to perform a test of COVID – 19 and thus determine whether they have been infected by coronaviruses.

Justin Bieber if you affection the coronavirus

Although we have not confirmed the supposed contagion of Justin Bieber, the coronavirus has affected the canadian singer, who was in the need of altering your next music tour due to the epidemic.

Justin Bieber was forced to change the venues of their upcoming concerts, and choose smaller spaces in place of the stadiums are massive where it was expected to be present.

The decision was also due to the low sales since the panic generated by the coronavirus caused not sell enough tickets to fill the stadiums.

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