Last hour of the Queen Letizia. “Do we have cheated?”. Filtering this. And is fireworks


Felipe vi and Letizia in your car

March 14, 2020
(11:09 CET)

Spain live your first day in State of Alarm after so ordered by the president of the Government Pedro Sanchez this Friday, due to the coronavirus. It is a matter of hours all over the country lower the blind with the exception of the shops of first necessity, such as is already being done by some communities.

This afternoon Sanchez will meet with the presidents of the communities to reach an agreement in the firm, after which he established officially the ‘closing’ and the confinement of the country.

Crown without virus

And, while you stir, this Friday heard a news story that allowed breathe a sigh of relief to some spaniards. This was that neither the King Felipe VI or the Queen Letizia were infected by the covid-19. Less bad… “All quiet, if the country is sinking, at least we will continue to have kings”, commented on the network. Some in earnest, others with irony.

The concern jumped after that Irene Montero to be positive in the control of coronavirus on Thursday. And is that last Friday Montero he met with kings, with those who shook hands and gave kisses.

irene Montero and Letizia

But it is not. As confirmed from Zarzuela, there is nothing to fear. The Kings perfectly are.

The detail that stirs suspicions

However, in the social networks that have been set in the second part of the message issued by the Royal House. That which says that the monarchs inspections are carried out in “newspapers of temperature taking required”. And is that a lot of people wonder that, if they are well, “why do they have to get the thermometer?”, by throwing the suspicion that from Palace “do not tell the truth”.

“What have we all been deceived?”, wonder many, arguing that “if it had come out positive either what you would say, as they grow the rumors that the coronavirus has made act of presence in Zarzuela.