Laura Zapata calls hugs for AMLO of people “infected with Coronavirus”


Laura Zapata made a call to mexicans to follow the advice of Andrés Manuel López Obrador continue giving hugs during the crisis by COVID 19, and go to embrace the president of Mexico, but it is “an indispensable requirement, be infected with the Coronavirus”.

Laura Zapata calls hugs for AMLO of people “infected with Coronavirus”

Laura Zapata calls for getting to AMLO of coronavirus

The call for mexicans was made through the official account of Twitter of Laura Zapatawho asked the people infected by coronaviruses to go to embrace AMLO after the president’s statements about the way in which Mexico is going to handle the current crisis.

“For the love of God, someone go to hug him he… indispensable requirement, be infected of the #Coronavirus #COVID19mx“he wrote on Twitter, Laura Zapata.

Your tweet has been shared in the same social network more than 300 times and has exceeded 3 thousand likes in less than 24 hours of posting it and has received plenty of support from other citizens dissatisfied with AMLO.

Hugs to AMLO

The publication of Laura Zapata was released after a controversial statement by Andrés Manuel López Obrador during “the morning”, where he said that despite the risk of infection by coronavirus, the mexicans should not be let go.

The declaration of AMLO caused the indignation of Laura Zapata, who has shown their rejection of the president from months ago, and some of his followers on Twitter who have posted “jokes” similar to those of the actress on Twitter.

However, Laura Zapata has also received criticism from those who feel that their joke “is not funny”.

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